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December 27, 2021

#ElonMusk #Tesla #SpaceX

The Story Of Elon Musk So Far (2021) Documentary Special (More Info About This Video Down Below)

Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By Eashan Misra
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Inspiration behind this video:

As CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, founder of The Boring Company, and cofounder of OpenAI and Neuralink, Musk seems to be everywhere all at once, pushing all kinds of futuristic technologies. He's said he won't be happy until we've escaped Earth and colonized Mars.

Between space rockets, electric cars, solar batteries, and the billions he's made along the way, Musk is basically a real-life Tony Stark — which is why he served as an inspiration for Marvel's 2008 "Iron Man" film.

But it hasn't always been smooth sailing for Musk. Here's how he went from getting bullied in school to becoming a small-time entrepreneur and eventually the CEO of two major companies that seem like they're straight out of science fiction — and how he almost went broke along the way.

This is an update to an article originally published in August 2016. Katie Canales contributed to an earlier version of this story.

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