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January 24, 2022

The Drug Bible: 10 Commandments for Safe Drug Use, with Dominic Milton Trott
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Over a 10 year period, Dominic Milton Trott self-administered 157 psychoactive drugs and documented his experiences on each one. He then created the book, The Drug User’s Bible, to inform curious minds about safe drug use.

With steadily increasing rates of both illicit drug use and overdose deaths, one can easily argue that the country is losing the War on Drugs. And making matters worse is the fact that illicit drug research is incredibly scarce, due to the legal difficulty of obtaining substances.

In Trott’s opinion, overdose deaths occur primarily because people lack access to information on safe drug use. So with a focus on harm reduction and risk mitigation, his book documents things like onset time, dosing, and the duration of effects.

This episode is from Dope Science, a Freethink original series about exploring the latest scientific research around illicit drugs and how shifts in cultural attitudes are unlocking new opportunities for improving the health of millions of people.

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