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September 12, 2021

Is reality real? These neuroscientists don’t think so, with Richard Dawkins, Heather Heying, Donald Hoffman, & more

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Is there an external reality? Is reality objective? Is the information your senses are feeding you an accurate depiction of reality? Most neuroscientists, biologists, and scientific leaders believe that we only understand a sliver of what is real.

Although we assume the senses are telling the truth, they’re actually fabricated to. Considering senses are unique from person to person, and through the unique senses we can only intemperate a fraction of what is real, there is no all-encompassing perspective one can have. Because of this, we need to take the perceptions seriously, but not literally.

Multiple perspectives have to be taken, as each will have some sort of truth lies within them. Seeing partial truth in multiple perspectives is fundamental to navigating the world and making informed decisions.

Read the video transcript: bigthink.com/videos/objective-reality

0:00 Beau Lotto on how we perceive the external reality.
0:32 Alva Noë on how the reality projects into the nervous system.
1:20 Donald Hoffman on if the senses are telling the truth.
2:58 Frank Wilczek on how we perceive color and sound.
4:41 Daniel Schmachtenberger on perception, choice making, and navigating reality.
6:01 Heather Heying on how to figure out what is true in reality.
6:28 Richard Dawkins on objective reality vs. science
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