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image  1 Why do some employees resist diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
April 6, 2023

Why do some employees resist diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? If companies want to make real progress on DEI, they need to get to the bottom of this question.Research suggests that there are three main psychological threats that lead to resistance.• Status threat: When members of majority groups, who have traditionally benefitted from being in the majority, feel that their organizational status or resources are threatened.• Merit threat: When majority-group members fear that DEI initiatives imply that their achievements are not the result of their skills and qualities, but rather their identities.• Moral threat: This is the fear that if one acknowledges their privilege, they tarnish their moral image by linking yourself to an unfair system.These threats lead to three common behaviors: defending, denying, and distancing. Swipe to read more about each — and tap the link in our bio to read the full article.Adapted from "To Overcome Resistance to DEI, Understand What’s Driving It," by Eric Shuman. Artist credit: Mark Harris.
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