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March 7, 2022

This couple is on a mission to visit every country in the world — so far, Keith Feldman has been to 68, and Justine Miller has been to 100.

The pair have also found themselves in a fortunate position. Keith's company allows him to take a seven-month sabbatical every year and Justine has a freelance role that gives her flexibility to travel. So in 2021, while building their travel brand Jetset Journalists, the couple visited 30 countries together.

But traveling for seven months isn't cheap, so the couple developed techniques to cover their spending — mixing their hotel stays between budget and luxury and charging everything to their credit card for travel points.

Here's how this jet-setting couple spent 16 days in Azerbaijan and Georgia on a $7,200 budget in August of 2021.

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This Couple Spends 7 Months A Year Globetrotting - Here’s How They Travel On A $7,200 Budget

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