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image  1 The Wall Street Journal - Eric Greensmith heard that he might get bored in retirement
September 4, 2022

Eric Greensmith heard that he might get bored in retirement. So as his medical career started winding down in 2021, his thoughts turned to the summer job of his teens: lifeguarding on the New Jersey shore.⁠⁠The chief of the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol—the only guard left from his 1970s stint—said he would offer Greensmith a position if he passed the requalifying test in May this year. The test involved running a half-mile in 3 minutes and 45 seconds and swimming 500 meters in 10 minutes. Greensmith was 67.⁠⁠“I was 50 years older and 40 pounds heavier than my rookie year as a lifeguard,” says Greensmith, now 175 pounds at 5-foot-8. “The concept of a comeback seemed so preposterous that, at first, I didn’t even share my secret hopes with my wife.”⁠⁠He had planned to retire from his job as an anesthesiologist in January. He worked through April because of a staff shortage but scaled back to three days a week so he could train. On April 2, he embraced twice-daily workouts: swimming in the mornings, running and lifting weights in the afternoons.⁠⁠By the time of the May test, Greensmith had dropped 35 pounds. Despite never having run below 3 minutes and 50 seconds in training, he finished his half-mile run in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. On July 22, the 50th anniversary of the month he first started guarding in Sea Isle City, he climbed the lifeguard stand again.⁠⁠“I haven’t been in this good of shape since the Navy,” he says. “I used to say I’m in good shape for my age, but now I don’t need to use that caveat.”⁠⁠Read more at the link in our bio.⁠⁠📷: Steve Boyle for
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