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image  1 The Wall Street Journal - A month before 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann and Magn
October 27, 2022

A month before 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann and Magnus Carlsen found themselves battling each other at the center of a high-profile chess cheating scandal, they were two guys pushing pawns on the beach in Miami.⁠⁠Carlsen, the five-time world champion from Norway and the highest-rated player of all time, wiped the beach with Niemann, according to Dutch grandmaster Anish Giri. When Niemann beat 31-year-old Carlsen weeks later at a prestigious September tournament in St. Louis, Carlsen was stunned. He quit the tournament in protest, setting the chess world on fire.⁠⁠Last week, Niemann filed a $100 million federal lawsuit against Carlsen, the platform Chess.com and others in the chess world for slander, libel and colluding to blacklist him. Niemann in the suit alleges that tournament organizers have shunned him after allegations of cheating surfaced.⁠⁠Last month, Niemann publicly acknowledged cheating in online games in the past. The brash young New Yorker, who made a meteoric rise through world rankings, called them youthful mistakes and said he never cheated in face-to-face games.⁠⁠There is no evidence Niemann cheated in the game against Carlsen. But his acknowledgment of cheating in the past—and his especially skillful showing against Carlsen—stoked persistent suspicions about him among elite chess players and drew the attention of the wider world.⁠⁠Whether or not Niemann cheated to beat Carlsen, elite players who have been pushing for better security say this type of scandal was inevitable.⁠⁠“It was a ticking time bomb,” said grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez, who recorded interviews with players, including Niemann, after matches at the St. Louis tournament. “Cheating in chess is something that was bound to happen at some point. It’s too accessible. It’s too easy.”⁠⁠Read more at the link in our bio.⁠⁠📷: for
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