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image  1 TED Talks - What kind of person will you grow into
October 29, 2022

What kind of person will you grow into? Chances are it won’t be the person you think you’ll be. In fact, who you are — and what you want — today will likely be completely different than you ever imagined. And that’s ok! “You are constantly becoming a new person," says journalist and podcast host but you often won’t realize it until you look backward. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, who you will be 10, 20 — and even 50 years from now — is truly in your hands to shape. But where do you start? Vendantam suggests you lead with curiosity: Spend time with people outside of your immediate circle, try things you don’t normally do, and expand your horizons. Visit the link in our bio to hear his other two tips for how to proactively and thoughtfully craft the person you will become in the future.⁠⁠ PS — What’s one way you have changed over the last few years that you didn’t expect? Let us know.👇 #MondayMotivation
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