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September 8, 2022

Does running your own business have you bouncing between ‘this is awesome and WTF am I doing and why?’You know you need help to get ahead and should be outsourcing, automating or better managing your time... but don’t know where to start or what should come first?— We got you.That feeling of not having enough hours in the day can indicate that you are on the verge of growth and developing new potential, a sign that you’re ready to LEVEL UP in your business.You’ve likely been through the side hustle + startup phases and now you’re really doing it. It’s working – but you’ve winged it, and you’re in need of some serious help to ensure that your business is sustainable and isn’t going to destroy you and/or your relationships.The key to sustaining your growth and scaling your business with ease is TIME.It’s vital that you OPTIMISE your time and focus to prioritise what is important to the growth of your business and what is necessary for you to be working on as the founder – rather than being pulled in multiple directions.In this Masterclass I’ll teach you how to identify what your business really needs in order for you to level up and attract more paying customers with greater ease. I’ll walk you through the process I use with my Business Coaching clients to help you figure out when is the right time to outsource, what you can automate to free up time, and how to go about it. The Masterclass is a practical and actionable course to make you feel empowered, educated and knowing exactly what your next steps need to be.We’ll also cover mindset hacks to help manage feelings of being overwhelmed, self doubt and procrastination and you’ll walk away with a practice plan to take action, grow your business with ease and get your life back.A business shouldn’t be taking away from your life but serving it so that you can create a life and business that flows with ease, joy and abundance.FRIDAY 12TH AUGUST 11AM AESTLink in bio to rsvp—see you in class.K #startupcreative
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