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August 18, 2022

1/2 I recently came across a podcast title that caught my attention - ‘change your perception of time and meaning’. Unaware of the author but eager to up-skill on the topic of time management I tuned in whilst folding my washing.I will be the first to admit, as I'm sure anyone who knows me well will attest to, that I obsess over time. I attribute it to my very time efficient father who set the clocks in our house and cars to run 5 minutes late so that we never were. When I started my business over seven years ago I still remember how abundantly rich time felt. Leaving my professional career where my days were determined by someone else, I now had complete control over how I would spend my time. There were certainly moments of shock and disbelief at first. I remember the first few months of working for myself feeling like I had somewhere to be or that any moment someone would be wondering where I am.I loved the freedom that had me running on adrenaline, waking up excited & in awe of the the infinite possibilities that were available to me & the personal power I now held to design my life, my way. I still love planning my week in a way that feels inspiring, fun and energising. I get to take on work that challenges me to grow, sprinkled with variety to keep it interesting and goals that are novel and expanding to spark creativity and fun. It wasn't long before the growing pains, pressure and expectations of running an online global community began to take their toll. Successes lead to an increased workload, greater challenges and higher standards of not just how I worked but how I lived my life. The time available to me felt like it was shrinking at a rapid pace and like a leaking bucket, I couldn’t seem to plug the holes quick enough to harness the precious commodity that I needed so desperately. My work began creeping into every aspect of my life. As the rise of content creation expectations and the fall of boundaries that demanded 24/7 access and instant responses grew, so did the relentless pressure, self doubt and fear. At times I’ve found it hard to keep up, show up and shut off. Cont in comments—
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