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February 18, 2022

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0:00 Jason and Molly tee up today’s topics: Spotify’s podcasting ambitions with Ashley Carman PLUS 10 founder pitches from Founder University
1:55 Ashley Carman joins to break down the news: Spotify acquires Chartable and Podsights, she also covers what happened to Clubhouse
13:25 Ourcrowd - Check out the deal of the week at ourcrowd.com/twist
14:29 What podcasting loses by going with dynamically inserted ads, building for creators vs. building for established brands, Spotify going after YouTube as the main platform for creators
26:45 Linode - Apply to their Rise program for founder-led, early-stage startups and get 3 years of discounts at linode.com/twist.
27:52 Podcast tracking users habits, why Spotify is rejecting open standards, sleeping giants in the podcasting space
37:01 Mercury - Banking built for startups. See more at mercury.com/twist
38:26 Reflecting on Lumiary’s big bet to be the HBO of podcasting
46:16 First 5 pitches: Giphting, Chojuu, TaCo, Term Payments, Fix6 PLUS judge feedback
1:02:05 5 Next 5 pitches: Remotespace. SavvyTeam, Gaan, Timewell, Innocuous AI PLUS judge feedback

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Companies Presented:
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Chojuu chojuu.com/
TaCo sharetaco.com/
Term Payments termpayments.com/
Fix6 fix6.io/
Remote Space remotespace.com/
Savvy Team getsavvyteam.com/
Gaan gogaan.com/
TimeWell timewell.io/
Innocuous AI innocuous.ai/

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