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December 3, 2021

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Welcome to the FREE training to help you build your following & turn your purpose into a business. We started this channel in April of 2009 and in the 4th year still only had 775 subscribers. Today I'm going to share with you the lessons I've learned along the way to shortcut your path to success as a thought leader. You've got a big message for the world and I'd love to help you get it out there.

I'll be teaching the Thought Leader Success Map framework that We created. It's designed to give you an action plan for how you can take your story, bring it to the world, and make money doing it. Bring your questions too - I'm an introvert but love serving and the favorite thing to do in these sessions is to answer your questions instead of just hearing myself talk.

We'll go over topics like:

* What kind of content should you make
* How to be on every platform without burning out
* How long should your videos be
* How to convert views to subscribers to sales
* How to sell your coaching, courses, memberships, books, products, & services

And if you want to take your thought leadership game to the next level and train with twice per month, check out the Movement Makers program at: evancarmichael.com/movement


Have you ever given advice to someone and they just didn’t take it? It was the right advice. It was exactly what they needed to do. You knew it in your heart and you even gave them the entire plan for what they should do, step by step. And yet they didn’t take action. Why not?

Because “what they should do” doesn’t matter until they know who you are. You start with Who, then you can get to What. Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” In that one sentence, he got to the core of why most thought leaders, coaches, influencers, authors, and speakers fail. They never tell their story, just focus on the advice, and the audience stays stuck.

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Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Evan Carmichael can’t. Because you’ve been through things that we haven’t. But until people know what you’ve been through, they will never take your advice. Sharing your story isn’t about hearing yourself talk or wanting people to know how great you are to inflate your ego.

It’s about connecting with people so they know that you care, lowering their defenses so they don’t feel alone, and getting them to a place where they're not just willing, but energized to take your advice.

=== Join Movement Makers Today at: evancarmichael.com/movement


You’re probably the most ambitious person that you know. You’re the most optimistic, most positive, most hopeful person in your circle. You’re the one filling up everyone else’s cup and the person others are coming to for help. And that’s amazing.

But who is pushing you in a loving way forward?

Who is reminding you that you’re capable of more? Who is holding you accountable for the things that you say you’re going to do? Who is inspiring you to take bolder, more courageous action?

The fastest way to make progress is to be around other people who are also action takers. Surround yourself with people who can cheer you on when you’re doing well, lift you up when you doubt yourself, and collaborate with to make an even bigger impact.

That’s what Movement Makers is all about. You get to learn from and get guidance from someone who has done it, but perhaps most importantly, you get to be surrounded with other ambitious people who want to build big movements as well.

You’re a part of a family now and we want to see you win!

=== Join Movement Makers Today at: evancarmichael.com/movement

I'll see you there. I'm excited to meet you and learn about your business, your mission, and your message.

Much love,


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