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January 17, 2022

How to think like a Navy Seal, with David Goggins, Eric Greitens, Jesse Itzler
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Whether we realize it or not, we "speak to ourselves" every day through the thoughts. We cannot turn these thoughts off, but we can turn them in the favor.

Short statements like, "Stay tough," and, "Good job," can help you get through the tougher times in life.

The key to a good life is learning to better control the own minds.

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0:00 David Goggins on why you need proper mental tools for Navy Seal training
0:38 Eric Greite on what good self talk looks like
1:24 David Goggins on Navy Seal’s ‘hell week’ and the importance of a ‘cookie jar’
3:02 Eric Greite on making self talk work for you
3:35 David Goggins on getting uncomfortable is the only way to practice self talk and grow
3:59 Jesse Itzl on getting his life off auto pilot
4:57 David Goggins on how the brains keep comfortable


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