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image  1 How can we better connect with others in our lives — either people we love or perfect strangers
February 4, 2023

How can we better connect with others in our liveseither people we love or perfect strangers? With empathy and compassion, says Platon. As a portrait photographer, has captured iconic photos of some of the most monumental people in modern history — from Stephen Hawking and Muhammad Ali to Michelle Obama and Donald Trump. In his 2022 TED Talk, he shares personal stories of working with these global figures and how his curiosity guided him to break down stereotypes and unlock shared connections that truly captured each person. And by focusing on empathy and compassion, it can help us all explore and shape our relationships *and* our future world. “When there is light, we see each other not as strangers, not as opponents, but as creative partners,” he says. “And then together, we rebuild this troubled world.“ Want to see some of his most iconic photos? Visit the link in our bio to watch his full TED Talk!⁠⁠PS — Let us know: What iconic person's photo would you want to take? ⁠
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