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image  1 Harvard Business Review - Do you have a career blocker in your life
September 5, 2022

Do you have a career blocker in your life? Someone with authority, power, or influence at work, who is preventing you from achieving a goal? At some point, this happens to the best of us — and oftentimes the blocker is our direct manager.Career-blocking behaviors can result in low employee engagement, lack of psychological safety, and low performance. They also contribute to worker burnout, stress, depression, and self-doubt.While this problem is systemic and ultimately needs to be addressed at the leadership level, there are things you can do to better your situation and take back your personal power in the face of a career blocker.Swipe through to read about how to stand up for yourself.—Adapted from "What to Do When Your Boss Is Blocking Your Career Growth," by Shirley Davis. Artist credit: MirageC/Getty Images.
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