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April 15, 2022

Are robots really taking the jobs?, with Jamie Merisotis
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Are the robots coming for the jobs? Not for those with the training and skills needed in today’s economy. And in nearly all cases, that means the people with education beyond high school.

We know that artificial intelligence will replace repetitive jobs. But in most cases, new technology will help create more jobs that only humans can do. And those jobs overwhelmingly go to people with a degree, certificate, industry-recognized certification, or similar credential.

Lumina Foundation helps advance policies that make post-high school education more available to all. The foundation has embraced a national goal of ensuring that 60 percent of Americans earn a high quality credential beyond high school by 2025.

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This video was created in partnership with Lumina Foundation.


About Jamie Merisotis:
Jamie Merisotis, an international leader in higher education, human work, philanthropy, and public policy, has been Lumina’s president and CEO since 2008. Before joining Lumina, he was an advisor and consultant in southern Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Union, and other areas of the world. Merisotis is a Council on Foreign Relations member. An innovator committed to increasing educational attainment in the United States, he focuses on realizing racial justice and equity through Lumina’s efforts to recast higher learning for today’s students. These adults increasingly are Black and brown, from low-income families, or the first in their families to go to college.


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